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  • 100% Sugar Free, Healthy Baking
  • All fresh products need to be refrigerated


This Get well pack will lift the sprits of any sad or unwell dog. 

1 x Treat Pack

1 x of a 2pk of treat

2 x Stamped Hearts ( xoxo & Get Well Soon)
1 x Name on Bone Cookie 1 x Squeaky Toy
1 Packet of Mixed Hearts (8pk)

1 x Gift Card with a Personalized Message

NOTE: some treats maybe different to the image shown, but will contain the same amount

Keep in a Cool Dry Place expiry is up to 3 months

Packets have their own expiry.

Our Products

We stress that cakes should be kept refrigerated for freshness and to receive close to day of consumption.

Remember, while our cakes & treats may look tasty, they are not meant for humans to eat. Instead, they are carefully hand crafted with your pet's health in mind, not our own taste preferences.
From Our Team

Over the years, we have meticulously honed our creations and recipes, all sparked by our passion for baking nutritious treats for our two beloved dogs. We are now delighted to share these with you, and we can assure you that your pets will relish them just as much as our numerous satisfied pupstomers have.

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