Woof Gateaux

4" Burger Cake


Name & Age Colour: Pink

Pickup available at Woof Gateaux Bakery

Usually ready in 24 hours

  • 100% Sugar Free, Healthy Baking
  • All fresh products need to be refrigerated

Sorry Humans this ones not for you!

Dogs Name and AGE comes on the board (in front of Burger)

Your pup will do a double take at this spectacular 4" Dog Burger Carrot Cake - a hunger-inducing cute cake made with carrots, tapioca, eggs, wholemeal flour, canola oil, and cream cheese.  Perfectly hand crafted,  It's sugar, salt,  preservatives and meat free. Human-grade ingredients. 

10cm diameter , it's fresh for three days!

From Our Team

We have spent many years profecting our creations and recipes.

Which started for the love of baking healthy recipes for our 2 dogs. Now we are sharing them with you and we can guarantee your pets will love them just as many other happy pupstermers.

Received Products

After products have been received, the customer accepts that they are in good order with name and age are correct.

At times the cake may start to crack due to temperatures changes, these things can happen and are out of our control.

We recommend all fresh products to be refrigerated and to receive them on the day of consumption.

Name & Age Colour: Pink